Possibly The Most Important Skill to Develop

This came across in my email box from Coach Mac with Basketball For Coaches and I jumped from my seat with a resounding YES! This is what AOB coaches have been teaching our players this season. It’s all about body language. Skill sets can be taught by the coaches, in essence that’s their job, but the player has to bring with them the work ethic and right “body language” to contribute to a successful team. This is a great breakdown of how to achieve the “body language” Coaches and teams are looking for in a great player and teammate.

Here's something often overlooked...

Usually when we talk about "player improvement", we only talk about developing skills.

> Becoming a better shooter

> Developing 1-on-1 defense

> Improving decision making

These are all super important, and they should be a main focus of every player who wants to improve.

But developing them takes time.

What if I was to tell you there are several things players can do RIGHT NOW to become a better player?

Cool, right?

Here are 5 things that require basically zero effort to up any player's game:

1. Keep eyes focused on the coach when they're talking

There's an old saying a lot of coaches like to use:

"Listen with your eyes."

When a player keeps their eyes locked on the coach, the coach knows they're listening and can be trusted to go out on the court and perform.

2. Run over to help teammates up when they're on the floor

There's nothing better than a player taking a charge during an intense game.

Even better...

When teammates cheer and sprint over to help them up.

3. Acknowledge the passer when a pass leads you to your score

A little secret to keep getting the basketball:

Make the passer feel important.

Let everyone in the gym know that it was their great pass which lead to your easy layup.

4. Dish out compliments and high fives to teammates

Great news:

There's no maximum limit on the amount of encouragement you can give to your teammates.

Keep giving out high fives and compliments.

5. Jog to the bench when you're subbed in

Coaches want to see players excited to get into the game and contribute.

When the coach calls out your number, show them that you're eager to play.

Don't shuffle to the score bench with your head down.

These steps are guaranteed to get you noticed by your coaches and teammates and make you the MVP that stands out!