Be the BEST Teammate you can be!

I came upon this on a friend's facebook post and I immediately wanted to share it!


10. You are willing to play ANY role that helps the team as a whole, not just you!

9. You would rather score LESS and WIN than score A LOT and LOSE.

8. When your team scores, the first people you congratulate are your teammates.

7. You love PRACTICE as much as you love the GAME.

6. You RESPECT  your opponents but DO NOT fear them.

5. You LISTEN, are COACHABLE, and RESPECT your coaches and officials.

4. You are quick to pick up a teammate who is having a bad day and/or a game.

3. You help younger teammates who may have less experience. You strive to be a leader.

2. You LEARN and GROW from your own mistakes. 

1. You are CONFIDENT but NOT ARROGANT! Be humble. Be grateful. Be respectful.

This may only seem like simple rules for being a teammate on the court, field or other sports platform but in just changing a few aspects of each rule, they are simple rules to be a great teammate in the game of life.