Player Liability Waiver

Player Liability Waiver I acknowledge, agree and represent that I understand the nature of basketball and other associated activities, and that my player is qualified, in good health and in proper physical condition and do not suffer from any heart, lung or other medical conditions or diseases that might in any way hinder or prevent my player from fully participating in basketball or other associated activities, or make me more susceptible to injury or harm while participating.

I assume all risk and hazards incidental to the conduct of this program. I hereby authorize All Out Basketball to obtain medical treatment for my player in the event that a parent/guardian and emergency contact cannot be reached. Important medical care is disclosed to All Out Basketball administration prior to participation and provided necessary medical equipment to store for player use during activity.

I understand that participation in the above sport involves certain inherent risks and regardless of the precautions taken by All Out Basketball or the participants, some potentially serious injuries may occur. I fully understand these risks and dangers may be caused by my players’ own actions or inactions, the actions or inactions of participating in the activity, the action or inactions of others participating in the activity, the condition in which basketball and other associated activities take place. The likelihood of such injuries may be lessened by appropriate stretching, proper equipment use, and following directions of coach. In order to properly protect my players’ own safety and that of fellow participants, my player agrees to follow these rules as well as any others that may be given by my coach.

Furthermore, in recognition of the importance of shared responsibility for safety, I agree to immediately report any noted deviations from reasonable safety guidelines, as well as any observed hazardous conditions or equipment to my coach or All Out Basketball representative. I fully release and discharge All Out Basketball and its agents from any and all claims for injuries, damages or losses, sustained during any and all activities associated with the activities of All Out Basketball.

I have carefully read the foregoing document. I have had the opportunity to ask questions and have them answered by All Out Basketball staff. I am confident that I fully know, understand, and appreciate the risks involved in active participation in basketball. Having been informed by All Out Basketball to provide activity for boys and girls, I, the parent of the player name listed on registration, do hereby give my approval of his/her participation in any and all of the activities during the current season. I assume all risks and hazards incidental to the conduct of the activities, and I further release, absolve, indemnify, and hold harmless All Out Basketball, the organizers, sponsors, supervisors, volunteers, officials and any related participants.

I further agree that my player’s picture or their likeness and willfully given information can be used on All Out Basketball website, newsletter or any other document solely for the purpose of promoting the program. Any further use of pictures or player information will not be distributed or used in any other way.

In case of injury to my player, I hereby waive all claims against the organizers, the sponsors, or any of the supervisors appointed to them. I further acknowledge that I agree to the terms of this waiver voluntarily and without restriction.