Our amazing coaching staff

KS Yesiki: Founding Member, Director of Coaching, Head Coach and Trainer

KS wears many hats with All Out Basketball, all dedicated to the improvement of our players and organization. KS IS basketball and his knowledge and love of the game surpasses most. It’s his passion for the game that enriches his players as they learn from him. His style of coaching is to provide a positive experience so that the players can grow and have fun in the game. His encouragement and support of his players are unlike any. KS is fully dedicated to every player coming through our program and will continue long after they leave. We are so proud to have KS in our program.

Ray Harris; Head Coach, Team Advisor, Trainer

Ray joined us in the fall of 2018 and immediately his impact was felt by our players and our families. His love of basketball, especially women’s basketball is so immense that so many girls throughout the Northwest clammer to play for him. His soft spoken guidance and gentle coaching styles encourages the players to show their best and to become better than they are on and off the court. Ray’s winning ways have given him an opportunity to coach at many levels and to pass on what he knows to the vast number players. Ray is a one of a kind coach and we are thrilled to have him continue with our program.