two moms, a dad and a coach were sitting in a coffee shop......


Yes, that is how it all really started!

a conversation between four people who had similar experiences in youth sports and wanted so much more. We all dreamed of the same thing which is A positive place for all kids to learn, train, compete, and have fun in the game that they love. Most importantly, provide them with an environment where they can develop Life Long friendships and gain memories that will stay with them forever.

so This small dream evolved into TWO women running a program that is dedicated to developing players and helping kids reach their full potential both on and off the court. It is our view that while every player is unique, every player on the team should be given the same opportunities to grow, develop and mature as players and as young adults.

We do not take the approach that one player is bigger than the team or players should be given preferential treatment. We are focused on growth and helping each player reach their own personal goals while simultaneously building a team that play FOR each other instead of with each other.